Goldstone Report questions remains: are there more than ‘2’ sides to the story not yet reported there ?

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slanted reports are to be considered legal too ?
by two sided observer Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010 at 2:03 PM

The much one-sided  often applauded Goldstone Report has more than just balance, fairness, equality and open vision in it’s document.. It is clearly biased and seeks to prove a point of it’s own. For reasons not stated, either.

Many questions of why the clear slant was made so obviously towards the Palestine interests and ignoring the actual visible proofs of Hamas’ actions  -that were by international-law also ILLEGAL ,  and these illegal acts were not addressed by their Palestinian promoters [ of course ] shows the report to be  too biased  – to be taken and believed – prejudiced obviously  toward their so-called-innocensent friends.

Yet – – There was much human-shielding,  in proven photos,[ not photo-fixed or shopped].  There were many rocket firings with more extensive ranges into other territories, thus  gradual increasing their dangerous scope.  The dangers were obvious and enlarging.

There was ignoring the visible evidences shown that Hamas used vulnerable locations from which to launch their rockets and firings.   There is actually much proof offered that has conveniently been ignored, deliberately to prove only one side WRONG and the other side as if only ” VICTIM therefore must be  innocent”,
as if…as if…that were actual,  factual or true.

The lack of a balanced investigation was notable tho ignored by those who prefer this style of documentation.

Then there were and is lots of sentimental and bloody [sensationalistic too ] image-building of those who hav- less against anyone who has-more, including USA or other nation-states as well.

Then there is lots of repeated loud PR and promotion of Palestine’s rights as if rights were all so easily defined and demanded. Demands backed by rockets.

That there is more than only ” 2 ” sides to every story or series of events is ignored.  So Easily.

That one of the signers of this document by Goldstone was also a paid donor to a big advertisement against one side and pro the other, before taking on that position is ignored.  Why ?  Does that person come in open unprejudiced manner to investigate and declare their views ?   Hardly. 

That many rebels and  ‘righteous’ rescuers will not want to hear more than nly what they want-to-know –  in order to ally with what is visibly the weaker of [only] 2 forces, without wanting knowledge or legitimate information that does not support THEIR OWN CHOSEN SIDE view.

How can they feel heroic or be pretend martyrs too if they are not extreme and limited in their views and beliefs ? Only the poor have the moral authority to fight, kill, demand MORE from anyone anywhere anytime. Clearly, it is so.

That polarization is most convenient, and extreme, and detrimental to any peace,  or agreeements, or discussion and that  deliberate division is again conveniently ignored.

How can any honest person agree with a very very lengthy report that is hardly read thru  by non-experts except for the parts that fit their pre-agreed-upon opinions ?

Until some clarification is made about correcting, contesting, re-addressing the distortions in the Goldstone report, how can it be taken, “as is” as
“the whole truth” in any way? It is clearly not so.

Let us not fall into sticky one-sided beliefs and try to pretend to be easy heroes or martyrs  – just because in this USA or LA we can easily & safely  hold up signs, chant, write articles and safely, oh so safely, sit in our warm places accusing those elsewhere who live in danger… in many lands …not just those 2 unfairly and inaccurately described in the Goldstone Report.

How to be fair and investigate what has and does happen repeatedly  – on both side of the divide, of course.

(c) 2010 wowveniceisactive TOO


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