Venice Bathrooms a Mess, messy, unhygeinic too ! yuk !

May 30, 2012 wowveniceisactive
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Boardwalk Bathrooms –

a shame for any city called Venice

Having gone to Boardwalk this weekend,we were confronted with just how disgusting the bathrooms and their lack of availability actually is and has been for a while.

Let us recount our actual experiences and comments heard:

Rose Parking Lot bathrooms:

1. doors are locked with NO notice if they are “out of order” or if someone is inside, living there or using facilities… so some people stand outside anxiously waiting for the door to open and check if it is locked by pulling handle and knock and nothing.

2. People stand in one line, go to another, waiting because they NEED to use a bathroom and cannot stand around waiting long and uselessly.

In anger and in incredulity they ask each other :
what is wrong ?
do they work?
Which is open ?
is anyone in there ?
is anyone here w
ho is in charge of these bathrooms ? etc etc

Finally one opens, and everyone moves over to that line.

3. At 9 am Monday there were 2 people standing in 5 lines and becoming angry and disgusted and probably none will write to their govt reps or make a call, being ‘good citizens’ accustomed to obeying and their City of LA not responding to them, or their fearing repercussions if they make their names known.

we know because we asked them to please call and were given various nods and verbal hesitations when asked to “do anything” and they stated fears of be identified, or retaliated on.

Bathrooms at Breeze near Brooks drum circle=

1. The lines here were 15 people each on both -2 sides, waiting anxiously. One person we know has a “prostate problem” and went to some side street unable to wait and unable to cut in line when necessity called him, and he is ashamed of having the urgency his body does, but must…

2. Others complain or wait looking around at why there is no one in sight to open the ‘locked without any notice on which are out of order’ and which toilets are merely occupied.

Some wait w/o trying the doors [on North side large handicapped bathroom has a big heavy padlock & rusty chains appearing to be ‘locked from outside’ but actually was used and many looking at door were not aware anyone could enter there. Finally when someone exited there….

surprise was expressed and immediately someone cut in front of others to enter there ……others only got angrier then….]

3. a drummer asked us to watch his drums, said “I’ll hurry be right back” and went to these bathrooms….came back 30 minutes later, because he came back 30 minutes later, because he had to wait in line, waiting politely, and had not imagined the long desperate line and watchfulness of each one watching to not allow anyone to cut in front of them, of course.

He came back angry, complaining and apologizing to me. we understood. we had seen the line earlier.

4. It was an all-day-line, never becoming shorter because as day progressed more people came to Boardwalk. Strangers and many in groups of 4, people of all kinds, races, sizes, swaggers, attitudes, and they all needed to use the bathrooms at least once that day, as they dont come for just a 1 hr visit. Children included, who need to use toilet unexpectedly too.

5. we did not go further towards Venice Blvd. to see more bathrooms. I Would not want to see more of the same long distressed people waiting to use facilities that are dirty, [now have toilet paper more often tho ] , some dont flush at all, floor is wet and sometimes smelly, and to the sheep-like-line- waiting-behaviors where they Have To Wait or ??????

[shame on them or the City of LA? ]

Even assuming there is a shortage of city funds, it is still highly UNHYGIENIC and very UNHEALTHY and UNSANITARY to have so few facilities, and with no one there to help the long-line-wait situation, or with no signs stating which are ‘out of order’ or just being used for a longer-than- usual-time. then there being nothing clean and decent about the bathroom sites.

There must be some city discretion -ary funds, some staff that can be temporary transferred even if during weekends/holidays only, or some place regular people can go for their bodily needs because the few restaurants available are so pricey for ordinary folks and families, and do not permit others to enter their premises..

The police or city workers that stroll by – they have their own facilities, surely. The many many thousands we saw walk the boardwalk had very few options…

many food-vending-on-walk sites have no facilities for their customers, while many homeless are using sand/grass/speedway when unobserved for their needs,

and most people arrive totally unaware of the body-excretion problems they will encounter when arriving on Venice Boardwalk. World famous ?

Famous and known but not accommodating their visitors Needs, not just their buying desires, not their living in their city, but their bodily even unexpected Needs.

Can you do something to help this situation ? Someone must.

If not City Council, then you may have influence over representatives of other agencies too. Or must some terrible event happen before it gets media attention and then an improvement may occur ?

And Venice Neighborhood Council can also assist in finding, pursuing and authorizing some funds or some non-profit local agency assist too or VNC can elicit and produce some volunteers for assistance in these bathroom areas too. Nonprofits have volunteers that VNC can access too.

The problem is not new or improv- ing. But it is clear and noticeable that it is deteriorating and summer is just starting…

with more visitors coming and then going…where ?

Who cares enough for our LA citizens and visitors to help solve this ignored problem that continues the same dysfunctional way for years now ?

Who will call or write their City representatives, and let them know the SHAME we have at one of our most known and visited ‘tourist sites’ that makes all of LA and those living here look-bad-and -dirty-and-disgusting-even because everyone is ‘too busy’ to do anything at all ?

just where do they “go” ?

(c) 2012


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