Venice FrontWalk needs clean up, not an easement to commercial flea’g

August 16, 2011 wowveniceisactive
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Letter to Editor of Free Venice Beachhead written on August 15,2011

How helpful to have succinct and updated news of what is happening on the world-famous tourist spot, called Venice Boardwalk. The hint that the junk sellers will be prohibited or even controlled is a hope that some of us doubt will come into effect, but like the good intentions put forth in a DRAFT by those in LA City government who rarely walk the route.

The no enforcement that seems to be unplanned & coming is scary as there is so much threatening bullying by hard core ‘savers of spaces’ and sellers of junk there. That there
may be – MAYBE – funding, to encourage so-called ‘peacekeeprs’ who will reduce or remove those who chose to be selling illegally [no LA City Taxes are required or paid by these vendors now].Who are part-time workers accountable to? – a new non-profit that is run by whom ?

Who are funding these workers ? Who is training the monitors ? How long will the funds last ? How often will they work and for whom is in charge ? What actually will create any enforcement, accountability, transparency or manageability when the LLA City Parks & Rec failed so miserably and maybe intentionally ?

Please follow up this good work with more resources so readers can continue with what may [or not] happen to clean up the current cheap flea [pesty] market overrun on what many wish to be an Artist Haven and Display along the sunny beachfronts. Tell us :

1] Where the DRAFT can be easily accessed to read for ourselves [don’t force everyone who wont do their own research, help everyone get ‘there’ to thus be More Involved in the Process]

2] Who to contact and ways to reach who are in control, have influence, or are biased to keep what is a deteriorating scene turn soon into a gentrified locked-for-the-elite-only instead of being open to all Los Angeles citizens. Who are the wheelers & dealers of these drafts and interests ?

How best to reach them individually ? Who else can help form activist groups to eliminate the riff-raffed slum-making sellers to turn the Ocean Front Walk into what the tour books claim ‘it was’ back when….3]

Are there any Save the Art Only Boardwalk groups forming ?… because the Ocean Front west sidewalk blocks is what VENICE is mostly known for besides the fully commercialized few Abbbot Kinney blocks of fancy expensive stores.

Venice’s image and it’s failure so far is limited to these points – Oakwood publicized for crime, Beachfront presented as if it were part of an Art Community exposed to the sun, and Abbot Kinney advertised to the elite trendy. That leaves out the fraudulent story of open-air-art on display or for sale ‘on the beach’.

4] Do you want photos to print of the petty commercial vendors & mdse that prevails and puts Venice on the map with any global flea market that sells Made In China goods bought at wholesale downtown stores to be resold as if they in any way related to the Venice area or residents or art in any version ?

5] Who then defines and decides what fits into the ‘ this is art’ definition or ‘free speech’ legal category and who will continue to confront those who enjoy loop-holing easily and illegally continuing what they have been doing for so many years now ? Is there any better wording that actually describes what is arty that ‘“inherently expressive” which is vague, unintelligible to most readers, and not stating any fact a real person can recognize ?
Where did that clumsy phrase come from and does it mean anything actually ?

Looking to see what may be recently written about Venice Beach artists,[ For example, YELP has some letters that emphasize the purchasing of marijuana as a big attraction, and also as ‘Cheesy and touristy but fun. Good for people watching and junk shopping” “I suggest you go to Santee Alley in the fashion district of LA [DOWNTOWN stores] because their teenage jewelry and feather earrings aren’t $5 like the ones at the Boardwalk”, Plus plain facts complaining about the expensive parking too. see more at that this is not only site to review :

Another googled resource about the draft to change fleas in market setting on Venice Boardwalk can be read here too :

There may be other sites as well.

Thanks for giving some of us the indication that things are turning from bad to just about the same if not worse soon enough. Greta is a good reporter reminding us to check a lot more and further and be more involved before it is too late, or is it beyond repair already ?

Please direct further questions and comments to Arturo Pina at LA City Council Rosendahl’s office at [ Beachhead – plase fill in phone # plse or email address you prefer ] and also to LA City Attorneys Mike Nagle and Arletta Maria Brimsey [fill in how to reach them and
who else is involved in the draft[s] and can answer questions here].

You may want to also read another letter written to Mr. Pina at LACC in June 2011 questions what was observed and needs improving on Venice Boardwalk at the blog below.
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