Ocean Front Walk needs cleanup !

August 16, 2011 wowveniceisactive
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email not yet sent to Arturo Pena June 9 2011 from VA
to “Rosendal Westchester office ARTURO PINA -VENICE”
Please take care of these problems on Ocean Front Walk

Hello Arturo Pina
I have not been to Boardwalk for a long time again because of the deteriorating population presences there….and I came back this week only to find the place worse in other ways too.
I am asking you please refer these issues to the depts responsible, with your authority behind it to the supervisors assigned to taking care of these PROBLEMS, once again.

Knowing that tourists see and dislike all that I recognize there too
knowing that the reputation of the City of LA is also at stake
knowing that if the City Council does not supervise their depts sufficiently that other news media will report and make publicly visible Venice’s ailings knowing that you too CARE about what is going on that should not be so

…I am trusting that I am not wasting my time and efforts.

here goes:

#1 there are vendors who have a threatening attitude to anyone else wanting to use a space for any other purpose also,,,, namely, the male “rasta” men [3-4-5 ] who ‘save spaces’ and also whittle leaving their ‘droppings’ all over sidewalk. And they do not clean up after themselves. That they sell very commercial common junk is not even being mentioned here again. their attitude is visible to all and affects many visitors, locals, and even officials.

I was yelled at ‘Fu…YOU” in anger by one ‘rasta’ vendor when I asked him if a space next to his tent for his t-shirts was being “saved” …. then his excuse for this offensive response when I repeated and asked if that was what he said to me was that I did not “respect” him. Blame me for asking a question ? that he did not like…and what he wanted was for me to be submissive, scared,. Instead I dared to ask such a question that he dared not answer affirmatively.

Meanwhile the adjacent other ‘rasta’ whittled palm fronds or wood – scattering chips all over …until only late in day when he did [for a change, not all do this ] broomed most, not all. chips and then pushed all detritus next to metal garbage bins, but he left it all out there on ground, not picked up at all. Is this legal ? and done repeatedly.

Many ‘rasta’ men grimace and look and act like thugs with threatening demeanors – no one can fail to recognize these unfriendly and scary attitudes – that is unless someone is a customer who may buy their junk. Other people have also commented to me on these bad threatening behaviors and being ‘scared of them’.
Check it out casually for yourself. Walk on by. See how it goes on OFW.

Do we want a place where a few angry men display and dominate with an aggressive manner .. and there are others who appear to may be here as illegals as they barely speak English and act like from poor developing world street hawkers ….

and then there are also fruit vendors illegally spending whole days selling on OFW too, taking away from tax paying refreshment stores on walk too. Many nationalities, same harsh mean belligerant behaviors to everyone else but potential customers. Is this encouraged by not daring to address what they do to defame, destroy, and only “use for profit”
the Venice Boardwalk – a big [was] tourist attraction not being attractive ?
or a place for LA people to visit and find their children affronted by sellers with harsh hard attitudes ?

Notice that SM is so very different in ‘feel’ and they thus ‘invite’ consumers and gain a better special reputation, especially in contrast to Venice too… do these boardwalk selling people represent the Venice we know or want to keep here?

Surely those in rented store spaces are as unhappy as the rest of “us” about the unfair competition and abusive angry faces and voices that keeps people from LA or abroad from coming down or sticking around the area. So people dont buy from stores either or instead. Even same junk sold.

and in passing, have you noticed that there is NO decent souveneer of LA products being sold that is not the cheapest commonest poorest representation of Venice or LA = even in the stores too ?

Do you know of any more upscaled products store on the walk ? or are they hidden in some less beach-front visible locations? Where can the more finely crafted souveneers and Venice logo’d mdse be found ? Please tell me…. tho admittedly I have not yet read tourist guide books which may list some ?

do you know?

#2 there are many sandbags, old broken chair parts, orange cones, and old wood planks and other such objects left on grass right behind boardwalk on dirt/grass area – as if the spaces are being “saved” – deliberately put there to keep any other people from using the free open spaces on boardwalk.

And these are NOT BEING REMOVED by any cleaning crews, but remain there for days, weeks. illegally I presume…. can you get these removed, repeatedly if necessary?

This is illegal garbage dumping on public property or littering or allowed ?

#3 there is garbage scattered all over the grass areas by Rose parking lot, and on parking lot west side of cement wall… it all looks like it has not been cleaned up for a loooooong time…..

On 6/8 I saw a “crysallis” shirted man with broom on asphalt boardwalk he was , lightly if barely, sweeping up some of the pieces of paper. I asked him if anyone cleans grassy area…
he said yes, they were coming in 1 hr.. of course,no one ever came….. and obviously has not come to clean any area for a very long time…

visible garbage is not just 1-2-3 days worth….paper, cigarette butts, junk food containers, all thrown and left-behind garbage…all over on both sides of that short cement wall by Rose lot … and also on other parts of OFW going south too..

Again, it is unhygienic and looks terrible. This represents failure of city to provide basic services. Even my residential street looks 88% cleaner and they street sweep only 1x /wk/ or every 2 weeks…. Who is not doing their job here ?

Tourists see this and dont want to return and also tell their friends how terrible Venice is, not like the tourist books described at all !!!! and the LA citizens wonder where their govt has again failed them too.

#3 At Dudley and OFW is monopolized for almost 1/3 of a block by one person who also leaves paint on sidewalk and also on cement wall. And much jff.junk – broken furniture, signs, unsightly stuff for days on end….

Yes, it is Abraham who also tries to intimidate and dominate everyone. That the drumming there is the only tourist attraction on weekends does not mean all the selling of the painted burlap he sells gives him any extra special status or permission,…or does it ????

It seems even LAPD is afraid or deterred by his loud belligerence or manipulative pandering, whichever he feels like presenting to get MORE than any other vendors on OFW.

Yes, I’ve known him for many years but it seems that officials “to not cause trouble” with his loud anger and scary looks allow him privileges no one else has. And I’ve seen LAPD walk by and away with tails between legs …inappropriately.

Has this ever been addressed ? or does he get ‘special favors’ or is it ‘being intimidated but never admitted” or the unfairness and inequality of how this man is treated compared to all others? Many people have also noted, ccommented and disliked the way laws/rules are not enforced in an equitable manner here…why is this ?

#4 I was informed that the OFW task force meeting is not happening now…tho I do not regularly attend [too stressful for one who has no actual ‘investment’ in the boardwalk…I’m not a vendor, store owner, or dramatist looking for a stage either ]. I would like to at least know when the next meeting is as I hear some changes are finally coming ! I hope.

#5 again, as said before, I like how you attempted to facilitate and try to handle previous task force meetings with those who attempt to momonopolize the group with their dominance and their limited versions of reality. The power struggles are exhausting and unproductive there but you seem to be able to withstand the effects, or else ‘it is your job’, is it ?

if not your presence, the havoc and defensive and offensive behaviors would be much worse and there would be nothing worthwhile to attend. so you have my thanks.

www. WowVeniceIsActive.wordpress.com

“For evil + bad + cruelty + meanness & injustice to exist, it just takes good people to do nothing By Ignoring, avoiding, fearing shame, pretending, to be “nice” just allows the hurt to continue on and on and…. so what ARE you actually doing now ? ”

(C) wowveniceisactive 2011


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