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August 8, 2010 wowveniceisactive
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Open Letter written about a personal experience at the VNC BBQ –

Written to the Volunteer Coordinator of VNC BBQ

you, Joanne, were great, friendly, asy-going, and taking care of things, as I noticed you…and it is unusual to meet someone with your apparent calm and openness…if I am wrong, tell me because this is More Feedback you did NOT ask for about how you come across.. and I consider myself perceptive but not clairvoyant !

a mexican woman, [who attended with her family and who came with her down’s syndrome daughter] brought 2 gorgeous jello’ food presentations that were so outstanding I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED….One of was magical yellow rose shaped and formed as a bas-relief with green leaves on the side…the 2nd one a square of light blue opaque jello as base below on which a clear layer with yellow inserted delicate flowers floated…and when I asked her in spanish if these were actual flowers, she responded, she had used a syringe to “make them… wow ! was I impressed and envious too !

there was a woman volunteering in potluck area who then took photos tho I cant find her to get a copy – in order for me to make a website for this artist who doesn’t have a computer of her own or would have to make more of these jello’s to be photographed again instead…

I saw that this volunteer took some pictures of food stuff with her camera and I saw her take pix of the jellos too and wondered to what private or commercial use she then uses them as she did not offer the cooks and creators a copy of her pictures… I wonder…..

I am wanting to see and get copy of pix to give to the creative woman who made those gems that were so beautifully outstanding ! I have the jello maker’s phone # as I went after her to retrieve it to help her get more customers if possible and to compliment her artistry.

I would like to find out if those pixes are available as I presume they are not HERS-the photographer’s-only as the photo-taker, but the maker of the jello’s – who was not asked nor identified -[except by me as I ran after these ladies to get their info for the contest which they did not know they could enter into – and then did not get any mention either at the end…oh well ] So she did not seem to ask anyone to send them a copy of the pix she took either.
[this photographer could not be found later either even while the coordinator did attempt to find her but we had no direct information to find or locate the photos taken unfortunately].

tho we volunteers in brought-in- potluck-food area were not introduced to each other, nor hardly even nodded at one another [strange way to work ‘together’ but, oh well, I didnt mind not having or being in any ‘community’ with those working at the potluck table].

I describe people by what they wear as most did not “make any contact” with me at all, tho I carefully spoke politely and thought I was friendly…. but even the person who was in Control of the potluck area did not even make ‘eye contact’ back with me except when I asked 1 pertinent question and then only received a curt reply …oh well…

My compliments for a successful day for most of this event, as I experienced it. I love so much that happened, both spontaneously and even what was planned.

the chicken fire truck was impressive and we ate generously and delishiusly. the cook was friendly and full of laughter while smoking up the area so that I and others ‘cried’ unwillingly from the BBQ fire-truck’s side effects.

Elroy who said he “arrived at 6:30 am to BBQ ribs” and corn on cob had his big space fenced off but with all chairs “inside” the closed off area that no one could sit in chairs to eat there and enjoy the meal at those tables … and no one corrected that set-up up even up to to 5 pm – when I left…did no one care or notice ?

I mentioned it to him but he seemed not to be in charge of the set-up itself and was into the cooking and sharing of his food …and also I appreciated all his effort and generous work…he wanted so bad to win again and he did…good !

the music was so good with the different types of sounds, all the bands/ groups played well, the variety that came thru was excellent
and mostly irresistibly dance-able.

I was totally enjoying all the WOMEN that danced, of all varied shapes, colors, income and sizes and levels of ability – that was magical and a great showcase… [did anyone take video or pixes of this scene ?]

The pictures you sent were of all the “beautiful” people, the fire workers and some gorgeous women with big smiles, some children, but the commoner folk some who also brought food, who came and ate and danced and wandered around were in none of the photographs I could find. Were there other ones too?

To my amazement and delight the downs-syndrome dancing daughter had such rhythm and energy continually, dancing to almost every song. while the elder women who moved in time but could not move very far were equally admirable. And all the others smiled at each other, appreciating their willingness to come “out” and dance, as women tend to do ! and danced together, maybe there were about 10-12 of us the same ones kept on coming out to any music that was played, loving the fun, the freedom of being together and moving together to the rhythmic music too. Becoming that momentary community of “women who dance together” w/o names or ID’s or further contact even.

and then only one young couple, a [1] daring young male danced with us elder women, with his girlfriend, wearing those blue t-shirts of volunteer workers…that was special – as alllllll the other men either watched or didn’t, but certainly wouldn’t be seen in the hot sun – moving their bodies or feet – in the red dusty dirt and maybe look silly ….right ? why is this so ?

I kept thinking “my physical therapist should see me now” since I had been injured recently…but as music moves me to move my body and I know it is the best ‘exercise’ possible, I stayed there and moved some more… and I didnt feel a thing…then ..until about 4 pm I tired and sat on grass with other Venice friends from boardwalk.

But….at night I was sooo sore, from all that delishus movings and having had all the fun of doing it. but then spent a restless night tossing and turning due to the effect of ‘overdoing it’ while not realizing it… tho the thought did occur, it was immediately dismissed in favor of Fun and Dancing. All well worth what was experienced that is not an everyday event or opportunity.

No, I wont tell the PT guy because the good effects of dancing on my body will have dissipated by our next appt.

a long whole story to give a personal view of the many experiences and some learnings gained from the wonderful day at Oakwood Park with strangers of so many varieties and lifestyles all coming together to create a scene of good-eating, fun-dancing, and a few nods to others too here and there.

I thank YOU for accepting me with my stated limitations and treating me so gently and care-fully also. I appreciate your style, lady.

at 5 pm I gave away my Volunteer t-shirt to a van-living woman I know who appreciated it because she said it had the day’s essence in it, tho I wore it over another t-shirt so it was clean too. this is passing-it-on and also passing-anything-possible -forward too. thanks for providing them and the time to enjoy the whole scene in all that it contained for us all.

from a temporary volunteer

Those who took photos that I learned about are here tho I do not know the photographers myself:



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