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was held on August 4, 2010 and led by Los Angeles City Council Representative of District 11 – ARTURO PINA.

Apparently, all who care to attend can come and speak, those who have concerns, interests, businesses, residence, or want to help IMPROVE this area. Most who attended were responsive, some more defensively of the agencies they work for, others more willingly to provide information and to listen to complaints. A few who attended were apparently trying to dominate the discussions and ‘win’ over their points by loudness or intrusive interrupting continually. Most raised hands and took a turn to speak to their concerns.

Some who worked for the city left as early as they could, which left others
wondering about their willingness to engage in changes and improvements.

The LAPD staff were noted to have stayed for the full meeting, being responsive and attentive.

The VNC members also stayed present throughout the meeting. Some of the public members not officially affliated with the LA City were courteous and informative and asked clear questions, while others did not always share openly or who seemed to think they could get their way by dominating the meeting by repeatedly loudy blurting out their opinions over others and taking-over much of the meeting time.

There were many representatives present of various VENICE involved and interested agencies, community members and also a few those who wanted to learn ‘what is happening here? This is MY COMMUNITY too ! ‘

The moderator was Arturo Pina, the LACC person who’s area is Venice and
who attempted in good fashion to keep some order and give everyone a fair opportunity to speak to their issues and concerns.

People present were:
[though not all names were voiced audibly nor spoken clearly or loudly enough to be noted, so some attendees are not here included …and some name spellings may be wrong too… there was no list available for attendees to share or have of those there from prior meetings or this one, though a sign-in-sheet was passed around and Piina has it if that information becomes public or available with emails included .. some first names were audible and noted , and some others were asked but information seemed hard to obtain and record by this writer – unfortunately. Some may be not fully identified as to their position or alliance for this meeting. So this list is incomplete and limited. ]

Arturo Pina – LACC for Venice area
Yvonne Guzman, Venice Neighborhood Council – Boardwalk committee
Ira Koslow= VNC cochair of Boardwalk commitee
4 Uniformed Members of Los Angeles Police Dept, [some name tags said]
working in Venice: Thussing, Reina, Suarez [and another unlegible from seating afar]
Daniel …of Art Crawl
These Dietlin of Venice Beach Boardwalk Coalition
Barbara Peck – resident [took video of some proceedings ]
Lisa Green – resident, artist and candidate for office
Carolyn James, “Principal, Recretation Supervisor I, Recreation and Parks
Laura….. assistant to Carolyn James [above] – Rec and Parks
Brad ….of Rec and Parks
Marie….Venice Boardwalk vendor
Jingles … Venice Boardwalk vendor and resident
Michael….Venice boardwalk vendor and has a lawsuit against LA City [was mentioned]
Arnie Corlin…security camera expert [indicated]
Maria…resident & artist
2 men from Beaches and Harbors [names not heard clearly]
2 women saying they represented the “homeless” community in Venice
1 woman representing Venice residents in her neighborhood
1 woman from a restaurant [name not heard clearly]

[Maybe others not intentionally excluded here but not noted…as there was NO ONE apparently taking any official notes so everyone who did so, if they did, have their own versions of what happened and who said what too probably.]

SOME TOPICS OF DISCUSION: some discussions were continually interrupted, and at other times the speaker’s concerns were more courteously addressed by many others even with different versions of what ‘reality’ is – obviously not the same one, with their differences unresolved.

The atmosphere was often loud, intense, vehement, and yet informative, with Pina attempting to keep some semblance of order.

Some topics=

Can Crysallis that collects recyclables in Venice share some of their benefits to help clean up areas that the LA City cannot afford to do [so stated] ?

How can the boardwalk be cleaned better and garbage cans improved ? For the tourist attraction, residents and visitors.

Boardwalk vending [much time was spent disagreeing about the problems, solutions, limitations, ordinances, enforcement of ordinances, lack of staff available, with defensive responses indicating that enforcement was being done while others claimed it was not, cigarette butts, criminality & extortioning vendors, illegal selling of lottery spaces, illegal selling in specified lottery spaces, lack of spaces for ‘free speech’ advocates, “dead spots/ black spots/ unassigned spaces” on boardwalk, Rec & Parks monitors acting inconsistently and favoring some and not others, the need for additional lottery monitors, ordinances needing revision and clarification, to be more consistent with original ‘intentions’ stated, and more…..[most of meeting was focused on these topics]

telephone wires cut by city workers/ Beach & Harbors workers repeatedly – so residents are inconvenienced

bicycles and skateboards laws not enforced on boardwalk, PUBLIC SAFETY issues, LAPD not enforcing rules when clearly visible offenders, dangers thereof

security cameras and how to organize information from those already in place

and more….

next meeting is September 1, 2010, at 9:30 am at James Beach Restaurant on North Venice Blvd – between Speedway & Pacific Ave. No food provided, only space for meeting. Contact Bill Rosendahl’s office for more information.


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