traffic ticket tricksters- photolites

March 4, 2010 wowveniceisactive

see LA Weekly’s article in Feb 2010 on this topic also.

and you can copy maps of this link:


the above website lists where on streets the photo shoot takes place to capture your smiling face when you legally pass thru- a yellow light only to find the flash of the TRICKSTER red lite flasher capturing your images for proof of wrongdoing.

Not that you are always wrong, or that these mechanical metal  police apparatuses dont make many errors, unacknowledged and uncounted, so conveniently…by the city that needs your money to balance their egregious budgets.

But when you are confronted with a printed picture that shows you “were there” regardless of the color of the light you traversed thru that intersection, you are assumed, of course !, as guilty…

to whom and how to do you prove you were legally stuck, or could not stop with that tailgater ready to smash your neckbones for stopping ‘too fast’ ? 

who will believe you when the mechanical photo proof says you were obviously driving “too fast” or “carelessly” or “deliberately crossing thru a Red Light” [not shown on picture, of course]…and there is no room for “explanation” or “contest this ticket ! if you dare argue with that terrible instant photo !”

and you already look a bit blurred, pained, and uncomfortable and certainly dont remember being illegal in your driving, other  than wondering what that white quick flash in your eyes was suddenly when you were busy concentrating on driving safely on that street.

And had you stopped to question to machine there was no one there to say you had been snap-shot, or identified, or vilified or maligned. No one human is on site, nor often at an operational site watching you finger After you passed that intersection and that subtly painted lite green camera. Definitely difficult to spot or see. Deliberately hidden and rarely found unless…one purposely looks for it after having seen that shattering light that came from…nowhere ? no…it was it was not…no, oh….there it is, hidden carefully by light to make it less noticeable even with all the other gadgets in the way…as if…as if…this little square thing with a glass eye were actually part of the traffic signal machinery. It is not.

So the pages with maps on link above show many but not all of the cameras, does not show their age or condition or false positive images or timing schedules or triggers. Some are 2007 = over 3 years old or older.  New ones may have emerged and grown rapidly as this source of City Income $$$$ has been seen as a ‘good source’ to replenish corruptions,  spending and foolish  plans gone wrong but still indebted to be paid.

Pass it it to everyone else. Copy the pages. Add on new information. Share the information so we are not caught ‘unaware’ of the spying machinery intended to catch those foolish speeding drivers that constantly run red lights, anyhow….those who are drunk…those who do not have legal DMV licenses…those who have Toyota’s with failed brakes….those who dont care who they hit as long as they feel powerful behind a metal vehicle that kills.

and, oh yes,

enjoy the show !

(c) veniceactivst 2010

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