Venice is becoming meaner now….

November 29, 2009 wowveniceisactive

Beware of those people who are stressed and maybe reacting to the economic downturns by venting their angers on strangers…those strolling thru the Ocean Front Boardwalk or elsewhere.

Most pedestrians walking the Boardwalk are curious, interesting, on a cheap family outing, or wanting to buy at the street Flea Market near the sand. But a few have become more out-of-control  lately seeking anyone to scapegoat and vent their personal anger upon.

Do NOT BE AFRAID, but notice that what was a leisurely if unusual crowd has lately, this October-November 2009 times and perhaps longer, become less friendly or trustworthy.

In these last 2 months we have seen a man sitting a bench be hit on the head with a drum stick by another homeless man.  An elder woman was sitting and another woman threw her purse at her, causing bruises and bent eyeglasses. These were unprovoked attacks and resulted in only minor injuries.

As there is little police patrol or protection, that means no one is preventing or observing the ones that have mental problems, emotional excesses, and disguised anger that explodes unexpected. It is not often, but more than Venice has exhibited during daylight hours on the Ocean Front Walk.

The meanness of the re-sale vendors contributes to the worse atmosphere as there is an ugly greedyness and harsh competition for selling their junk wares on a free spot on the Boardwalk. They often fight amongst themselves and some criminal activity has been noted amongst them also.

The original artists and free-speech tables on the Walk have been pushed out and what mainly remains are the cheap commercial re-sale vendors who buy junk wholesale to resale w/o any accountability to the city or tax authorities.

The old pleasures of musicians, artists, good conversations and discussions about politics, the moon & sun, and condition of the world have been excised out by the poor local LA City Council ordinances that set up a lottery system for re-sale vendors to profit from no-rent open-view spaces on the Walk. A few of these are decent folk, a lot are not, unfortunately the majority can no longer claim any relationship to the reputation that made Venice fun, arty and valuable. Commercialism and sales reign now.

The homeless abound, many begging for marijuana or change or cigarettes. Most are not dangerous to the public but constitute a nuisance when asserting their begging rights on all who walk by. Others are house-less but live in vans and RVs and shelters. Many are good folks just like any one else. A few are busy with their alcoholic or narcotic pursuits and lifestyles. They are not often dangerous, but some can be.

The Vemice Boardwalk has been a community of performers, artists, citizens, working class people, with a few tourists that came by. It has changed, radically and not for the better.

Come to see for yourself. Let us know what you find. What you like. What you dont like. What you think. What you want to do to help improve it. How you remember it before or imagined it to be. The reputation is now an illusion as Venice CA is no longer a fun pleasant place to visit, unless  you are willing to protect yourself from the few angry and cruel ones that are there too.

Do not let Venice turn into another beach bum town with no improving qualities or possibility of being what everyone loved so much before. Let Venice be the Art Community it has been and can be still, again.






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  • 1. wowveniceisactive  |  December 5, 2009 at 12:27 AM

    That is the assault on ME that was written about here..and here is part of the story to clarify and expand, so all who frequent our was-beautiful-before Boardwalk can be careful to not have this happen to them too:

    all that has happened
    to me [ as I stayed away 3 mo recently because of the acting out VIOLENCE manifesting in Venice when J was hit on head with a stick and others were acting badly enough….]
    so this episode is obviously another SIGN to me directly this time that I need NOT BE where crazy out=of=control= people vent their stuff, especially not onto me…

    as I said, they falsely assume I am an easy victim target – old,wrinkled, frail woman, and then looking lighter than ‘people of color’ so they think can righteously express their other angers – at whatever else – to this hopefully-helpless & aged female…. whom they see as representing the whites they resent elsewhere, assuming me to be of course of a more rich/powerful class ?
    but I’m not. And they dont care because I am being used as the Dummy on which they want to vent.

    that is all I can figure out for the violence that occured the day after Thanksgiving Nov 28, 2009 …

    but why USE me ?

    I am now pretty convinced that the out of control woman who never stopped shouting her threats to other light skinned people besides me found me sitting by friends on Boardwalk. She threw her heavy purse and heavy brown bag at me, was refrained by others first attempt, but she then repeated the mean assaultive act and threw it.. hitting me on the head [caused bruises and bent my eyeglasses too] and she did not care or even notice the injuries she inflicted….shouting her false assumptions whatever they were.

    that woman of color and who others have said is “homeless” [I dont know anything about her nor have we ever spoken !] but she may be very concerned or afraid that her children may be taken away from her- maybe again ? for not being a good enough mother ????? why else that wild violent rage shouting, throwing, thus attacking someone who merely told her child who was spilling food on the walk that “you are spilling your food” to point it out when child was NOT in her presence/caree and nothing else was said or meant either. How could such a comment provoke such a severe, dangerous violent reaction that brought on injuries and insults and threats to me and for everyone to view and hear ?

    that woman’s rage was way out of line, and her 3 kids could have lied, exaggerated, or said anything that was untrue…..and the if the 3 of them nodded agreeing about whatever 1 who did not want to be told she was dropping food on walkway for other people to then step in may have said anything..I dont know at all…what the child then claimed or what false assumptions that woman herself made …. because the actuality had no basis at all for such a violent emotional reaction…so I am thinking there is more behind this violence towards me

    the only prior interaction with this woman, her 4 children and her boyfriend who occasionally came to same site briefly where I visit with friends had been to merely smile and ignore each other as strangers do, even in Venice.

    At the Thanksgiving feast the day before the violence, this group sat at table 3 ft in front of me on tho we made no contact at all then. but I did see them in line and then eating at the table, but I ignored them ….then. She and I have had nothing to say to one another before this violence started.

    maybe that is why she is refusing someone else’s stated offer of housing contacts for her and kids…or maybe because man who may be her boyfriend that she is calling her “brother” but might not be

    I am just guessing here, trying to explain what would cause such sudden violence and outburst to be directed out …to me…could there be problems unknown to others that these people have with other govt agencies that then produced that anger maybe based on some past incidents or fears ..or she has some legal problems with social protective services who might want to save the kids from maybe some other abusive man in her prior life ???? …who knows because I sure dont but I would like some explanation of what happened and why to me ?

    As a result of this heavy purse and bag landing on me unexpectedly, I have a bruise on my arm where purse hit me, and on my shoulder, I can see it now. And my glasses are bent out of kilter the frames need repair now too… not ok. I cant afford to fix this now.

    and YES, I am really threatened ! Not just by the shouted threats she and he made to me about the bad things they would do to me [for their own reasons not clear to me] and their out of control throwing things to hurt me…
    why pick on me?
    What could they be thinking ? What crazy ideas or stories do they believe that I have no knowledge of ? How scary this has become to be sitting in Venice talking to friends for having to made a comment to a child of a different racial type that was not intended to harm at all, but instruct and point out the food being spilled from her cup. This could not be a cause for the resulting explosive cruel reaction of her mother could it ? How scary to say anything to a stranger, even a child, in full view of many other people who heard, saw that prior 1/2 hr before the violence came down on me.

    As I think about all the other people who want to vent their garbage anger at me w/o knowing the reality facts but perhaps for their own needs WANTING TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO PUNISH AND THREATEN on whom they hope is a helpless aged woman victim or a person they may have not liked for their own prejudices…

    While walking down the boardwalk before the actual violence occured, the woman’s boyfriend had followed me, pursued and yelled at me repeatedly threatening me and when I turned to see who this was shouting at me, he shouted angrily telling me to never talk to the chidren or he would…threatening but I just answered him back repeating what had actually occurred. I dont know that he could hear anything but what he wanted to think & believe, as he kept on shouting at me.

    All this for having dared to speak to the child at all ? A child w/o any adults to hear what was happening to them ? Or would they have said the same thing if paying attention ? He apparently had assumed something was very wrong or negative, something that did NOT ever take place

    and this strange man to whom I paid no attention, wanting to avoid whatever problem he had and not knowing what he was so upset about….it was this woman’s boyfriend acting out his own need to prove his manhood on me. Unwarranted barrage of threats and anger for having told a child that they were “spilling your food” and nothing else said ??? It made no sense to me. Had I been darker instead of lighter than they would they have not reacted so harshly and violently ? Was it racial based or was someone else feeding them some stories of which I am totally unaware? I just dont know and have no way to find out.

    Yes, I am threatened enough to not return to that Boardwalk while such people are present. They may hurt not just me but anyone they THINK is not of their liking.

    how dangerous are people like that ???? they actually believe their own twisted stories…and tell them to everyone to make themselves not the aggressor but think of themselves instead as victims ???? to convince themselves they are Right and Righteous and can do anything in retaliation ? or do the same violence again

    that the angry woman in a black wig [other times a blonde wig] now threw her heavy filled purse to hurt me and then her boyfriend came to retrieve purse and get it back for her from where it landed on me …I remember clearly…I thought I would then hold purse, yes, deliberately…not to keep it but because she had thrown it to hurt me…

    and he came over and wanted to grab the purse, and he stood over me as he pulled and tugged at it as I held it…and then I was the one that NOTICED HE HAD THE BABY IN HIS OTHER LEFT ARM…so I said “watch the baby”
    because I would not hurt anyone but he did not even seem to notice what was in his arms so intent on getting the woman’s purse back now…

    and he did not respond to that DANGER but continued pulling the purse and said “give it to me !” repeatedly….and because of baby being possibly in middle of that tug, I immediately then let it go…. and I may not have given it back so easily otherwise…

    but surely, no one else noticed that part of the scene ? huh ????? that he had endangered a child even after the woman had injured me ?

    and surely not one of the 20 people around all of us, those sitting at restaurants, standing on Boardwalk, those in and around us=just watched. Like the woman in NY who was killed in front a crowd that just ‘watched’ and did nothing to prevent her death. Kitty Genovese. A newsworthy story of how people just watch actual violence as they would watch a movie and not assist.

    I was dismayed that no one came over to help or protect me… I notice that only later ? It is ok for that to happen, not one man stood up in front of me …tho when the angry woman tried first to throw purse, she had arm over her head and someone held purse to restrain the purse, not her, and in her second throw again she did it, it happened when she launched it, with no one catching it, stopping it…except me …huh???

    what does that say about dangers and ‘friends’ or even good-willed strangers on the boardwalk ?

    and notice, that everyone just enjoyed watching and then talking & telling their own stories about whatever imagined stories they WANT TO BELIEVE, like Roshomon classic movie.

    Then a couple of people came to ask me what I had said ordone , as if they were the judge or ones to decide who was right….huh ?

    But I told them anyhow what had actually occurred because I wanted the true story to be heard again…as the facts dont change and maybe they would not continue to repeat or make up their own fancy conveient dramatic stories about ‘that old woman…” that some types like to find fault with because their own internal prejudices.

    ..let someone else be responsible while they love the drama they enjoy….this is also a reality..sadly.

    of course,
    do I need more of these people ?

    A. too does not want “trouble” so does he tell the kids to go away from his food table? no…he knows that will cause trouble and interfere with his food service gig. He is right. But at least to us, and not to many others, he tells us his problems with them too, and the problems with that family.. But he is correctly careful, and I can appreciate this

    But it also says how things are not spoken aloud …
    why is this ?

    so I am gone ! exiting a dangerous to me scene. I do not to available for others to USE what they think is a scapegoat or easy target…even if they ‘should’ know better, and that I defend myself as best I can that I fight back only verbally even w/o insulting them as they do to me…because I have been long and well trained to fight fairly in a different way…

    and I remain free from all control or attempts at control over me,
    and have a good life elsewhere too

    I hope this makes clear how dangerous that Boardwalk has become with unexpected and unwarranted violent actions erupting on anyone, and making it no longer a safe fun place to visit.
    watch out.

    It could happen to anyone, and so beware.
    I am frightened away
    from that place I have long loved and enjoyed. No more. It is changing badly.

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