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Venice is becoming meaner now….

Beware of those people who are stressed and maybe reacting to the economic downturns by venting their angers on strangers…those strolling thru the Ocean Front Boardwalk or elsewhere.

Most pedestrians walking the Boardwalk are curious, interesting, on a cheap family outing, or wanting to buy at the street Flea Market near the sand. But a few have become more out-of-control  lately seeking anyone to scapegoat and vent their personal anger upon.

Do NOT BE AFRAID, but notice that what was a leisurely if unusual crowd has lately, this October-November 2009 times and perhaps longer, become less friendly or trustworthy.

In these last 2 months we have seen a man sitting a bench be hit on the head with a drum stick by another homeless man.  An elder woman was sitting and another woman threw her purse at her, causing bruises and bent eyeglasses. These were unprovoked attacks and resulted in only minor injuries.

As there is little police patrol or protection, that means no one is preventing or observing the ones that have mental problems, emotional excesses, and disguised anger that explodes unexpected. It is not often, but more than Venice has exhibited during daylight hours on the Ocean Front Walk.

The meanness of the re-sale vendors contributes to the worse atmosphere as there is an ugly greedyness and harsh competition for selling their junk wares on a free spot on the Boardwalk. They often fight amongst themselves and some criminal activity has been noted amongst them also.

The original artists and free-speech tables on the Walk have been pushed out and what mainly remains are the cheap commercial re-sale vendors who buy junk wholesale to resale w/o any accountability to the city or tax authorities.

The old pleasures of musicians, artists, good conversations and discussions about politics, the moon & sun, and condition of the world have been excised out by the poor local LA City Council ordinances that set up a lottery system for re-sale vendors to profit from no-rent open-view spaces on the Walk. A few of these are decent folk, a lot are not, unfortunately the majority can no longer claim any relationship to the reputation that made Venice fun, arty and valuable. Commercialism and sales reign now.

The homeless abound, many begging for marijuana or change or cigarettes. Most are not dangerous to the public but constitute a nuisance when asserting their begging rights on all who walk by. Others are house-less but live in vans and RVs and shelters. Many are good folks just like any one else. A few are busy with their alcoholic or narcotic pursuits and lifestyles. They are not often dangerous, but some can be.

The Vemice Boardwalk has been a community of performers, artists, citizens, working class people, with a few tourists that came by. It has changed, radically and not for the better.

Come to see for yourself. Let us know what you find. What you like. What you dont like. What you think. What you want to do to help improve it. How you remember it before or imagined it to be. The reputation is now an illusion as Venice CA is no longer a fun pleasant place to visit, unless  you are willing to protect yourself from the few angry and cruel ones that are there too.

Do not let Venice turn into another beach bum town with no improving qualities or possibility of being what everyone loved so much before. Let Venice be the Art Community it has been and can be still, again.






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