Venice Bathrooms a Mess, messy, unhygeinic too ! yuk !

Venice Bathrooms are Disgusting, never clean,
unsanitary, and unsafe…and nothing changes to clean, clear, improve this dysfunction…why?


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Venice Boardwalk sliding back into old flea mkt commercial vending, down into dump

The very same commercial vendors using loopholes or the LAPD ignorning them have returned…in full force..going backwards – yukky venice !

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OPEN LETTER to those concerned with Venice Boardwalk Clean UP :

February 26, 2012

Written : To those involved in the clean-up of OUR BOARDWALK who may want to read about a personal experience and view of CHANGES now finally appearing Ocean Front Walk:

Friday Feb 24, 2012

I went down to see how the Venice Ocean Front Walk was shaping UP – instead of being the down-experiences that have been prominent for the last couple of years with the frequent bullying, with garbage strewn all over, with cheap flea-market resales crowding the whole west side of walkways, and the east-side businesses then retaliating by pushing their cheap mdse into the other 1/3 of the Sidewalk – areas meant for pedestrians to walk …and to enjoy the sea, skies. To mingle with the varied humanity proliferating Venice’s only free tourist spot.

It was cloudy and cold day, and I walked from Windward to Rose, to see what was happening on OUR boardwalk now….stopping briefly at Anthony’s “1c-penny-for-homeless-to-eat tent, where I watched and congregated amongst the hungry homeless there. A good deed here obviously needed and decently freely served by volunteers.

[ It seemed that 88%of the hungry homeless on Boardwalk are males, and many looking disabled in various ways – including some apparently also being x-cons on their way to who knows where?]. Anyone walking by could also freely grab a sandwich, fresh fruit and healthy vegetables – openly available to all.

Now this is a Good Sign of what Venice can be about. Giving, instead of selfishly selling,and hawking, begging, drugging, or fighting.

The Venice I’ve been part of – the artist community – since 1971…and it’s always been interesting with unexpected learning adventures there. It was good on a cold day be out in fresh air too…

At the October 2011 Parks and Rec meeting downtown at City Hall I spoke for my 3 min inquiring “how this will new ordinances be Enforced? ”, asking about the clean up of commercial vending. My concern is still not what is legally written, but how it is acted out in real life, enforced, kept up, and maintained past the initial push and clean-up. Others also at that hearing each contributed their own points on having the new ordinance passed and the improvements finally made. We all shared our part.

THE CHANGES HAPPENING FINALLY – a view of the ocean too:

This day I was glad and surprised. ON our BOARDWALK – I loved it that there was HARDLY any commercial vendors! A few slipped in pretending to be artists of the visual‘art’ kind – prints, canvases, cardboards, et al but there were a few questionable vendors there too.

I mostly saw – maybe about 72% were artists – real-or-pretend – of all kinds, styles, media… some very poorly talented but still trying…to sell and to look like what they do is known as ‘visual art’ – but there mainly for sale of course.Others more recognized as creative expressions done and then put up for sale, not just to cash in on their ‘art’.

And then there were also others – like the obvious: made-in-Tijuana pretend-home-made stuff = as if they were hand-painted tourist souvenirs = i.e. the stone-cement turtles, and 2 stands with pretend-indigenous Indian “feather earings” of colors and in styles not at all in known traditional Native American ways with nor with any religious/cultural ‘meanings’ other than displayed for their sales values…and then more of the tiny wood-painted bobbing-head-turtles, those found everywhere downtown LA and in Mexican border towns made by poor Latino laborers…

and then a few but visible homeless – sleeping in marked spaces – or just‘hanging out’ in them as if the space demarked their home/territory …

Those pretenders still need to be confronted about their attempts to sidetrack the ordinances and slide into loopholes, unfairly, and not be setting a bad prescendent too.

BUT the rest of the lingering huge mounds of junk were mostly gone !!!!!

A vista of ocean was open to view. Even the air was a bit cleared of all kinds of smoke, the sidewalk less littered, sidewalk spaces opened up to again be a beach scene. Wow ! The beginning of what Venice was, and could similarly be – to see the beauty and be a healthier open place.

I was delighted at so many open spaces now, and no downtown resale jewelry and cheap junk in sight [yet… for they may try to come back again though… under some pretense or other thru some pretend-loop-hole ]

and whatever is claimed to be ‘art’ is redefined or faked by some… done by some of the more desperate or resistant “people on the beach”, and some claiming to have actually done it elsewhere – by themselves. Then the rest made-in-Mexico or elsewhere… or bought/ purchased from other sources/ vendors or other artists, and then sold here as if done by this ‘artist’ vendor down here….on Venice Boardwallk.

My assumption is that these sideliners too will be cleared out too – for rules to be FAIR for everyone… so with a bit more official investigations of their products and their actual intentions [ whether JUST for sales, instead of to be creatively self-expressive, or for expressing some religious traditions or displaying their political positions].

When those who are ‘pretending’ are questioned more seriously, it will ‘send a message’ that Venice Boardwalk is actually intended to be a place of artistic aesthetics expressions and not a free sale space for anyone trying to fool the LAPD, or the LA City officials and the public too.


Even some of the east-side stores have finally moved their cheap stuff off the sidewalk – but not all of them . Those, who in retaliation, took up 1/3 of east side Boardwalk – i.e. see stores by near Figtree and the Titanic – had pulled back their mdse closer to their actual door spaces and back closer to their bldgs [where before they had extended way out into sidewalk [walk area] – they obviously were trying to compete with the west-side free-rent commercial same-garbage-for-sale vendors who were also pushing their stuff on to walking space. So the People’s access to ‘sidewalk’ walkway] has mostly been restored.

There still are ones still illegally and abusing the spaces they don’t actually pay nor rent -and by extending into sidewalk areas too, i.e. Gingerbread house rental bicycles and many clothing stores.

There are many sandwich board signs outside many stores -still illegally blocking the full walkways – i.e. all along the Boardwalk, including the ice cream stores and clothing stores too

[ please check to see the actual LA CITY Rules for how much space OUTSIDE the bldg is actually permitted to be used for advertising, – luring customers inside their limited rented spaces] … as for years many businesses all over this city have ENCROACHED into sidewalk spaces, even blocking access to pedestrian walking areas. But as there is little enforcement, this abuse still continues to be ILLEGALLY done!

If some businesses are required to pull back into the spaces they actually pay to rent and not extend into PUBLIC SPACES, then all of the business on east side of Boardwalk should do so too. To be fair and legal too.

I have previously spoken to various City Agencies, i.e.the LA Bldg and Safety and other agencies, who actually came out to inspect – and then they confirmed that while these big signs blocking walk areas are illegal – there is little enforcement of what is dangerous and interferes with public access to city sidewalks/ streets.


I first went to find someone at the Windward bldg prior Park and Rec office and it was locked up completely with no signs of life anywhere.

I only saw reflective windows with shades drawn, no signs of their hours or access, no phone # posted, or info of where to get info or help…. nor sign of any living human around…. or where Park and Rec was now operating … or if office is ever open [ obviously not] …

And the LAPD in same small bldg on other side was also totally locked down with no info nor access nor referrals to other locations listed either.

I wandered around a bit, didn’t know who to ask for information… but when I came back to bldg, then I found 2 janitors in uniforms – chatting by their equipment – at one side of that circular bldg….so I spoke to them and asked. But had I not asked, I would have had NO IDEA that the “other small bldg” these employees pointed me toward – the other house in front of muscle beach is also a Parks and Rec office.

I went there, asked and thus learned – this is where they monitor the ‘gym’ [=weight lift area] and lend out sports equipment.

I asked the fellow working there, about when the other P and R office is open and he assumed it WAS. He said he knew nothing about closure or their hrs. Though he did provide info when I asked … and also when I ASKED further, he then gave me copy of the new ordinance – and I also had to ask for new Venice brochure I saw behind him. He was decently responsive to my questions w/o being defensive – and I was glad to have ANYONE available to provide even some info !

Even if he did not know about the other office or staff there, or so he said. He said the other office was “open”. I said I could get no response there nor see sign of any life or access. He said he did not know. [OK, but should he not be informed if he is the only person visibly available there as officially part of Park & Rec ? ]

I still knew nothing about why the other Park and Rec office – where lottery was monitored before – was totally shuttered and inaccessible. This left the impression that the agency was deliberately non- informative, as to if any one worked there or when it is open or if ever…

Actually it looked like they are AVOIDING the public and not answering to anyone ? …. nor wanting to be found ?

nor being open on a regular weekday as it was a Friday at 1 pm…hmmmm ? Out to lunch ? or closed down w/o any notice to THE TAX-PAYING PUBLIC, their clientele ?

What is happening and who is responsible there ? or who supervises the situation and location ? We all need to inquire further as to what officially-paid-LA-City-officials and workers know about all those apparently evasive maneuvers?

The public who is denied information/ access needs also to be informed more about this hiding out or whatever the situation is… maybe by addressing the questions and concerns thru the news media – for the benefit of all Venice area residents and those concerned- so everyone can know more about if or how their region being neglected by LA City staff.


I even tried to make inquiries – from LAPD – as I saw only 2 police cars – which I politely smiled and waved down: the first one was driving very very slowly on boardwalk and had a policeman driving. He clearly was not wanting to tell me anything about my Q = “how is the new ordinance is being enforced ?”

And he made almost no eye contact and stayed faced front, so I could not see his name on his uniform either, while the policewoman in car beside this driver made it obvious that she was irritated that I stopped them at all … cfor what she may have not seen as appropriate to LAPD work ? Not that they were obviously on to ‘more serious crime work ‘ crawling along boardwalk’…

and she only told me to “go to internet” and I asked if she meant” to see the text of the ordinance?” and she then frustratedly said “yes” and nothing more. I had even mentioned having “not been able to be at the VNC meeting where LAPD reported about this …” and asked if could they tell me anything ? But I guess NOT.

Nor did they give me more than the directive to go on internet [also assuming I would have also have a computer available because they do ? as not everyone has money or machines to use conveniently for whatever…] like for viewing the formal printed text ordinance – which is clearly NOT what I was asking them for.

I did not see these LAPD officers as ‘serving the public’ nor providing the asked for information or given much courtesy – but their wanting to ignore me and drive away w/o contact – and w/o giving me barely any information, not even mentioning the signs posted on the walk, that I had not noticed yet …

so later when walking further I saw a 2nd LAPD van, with a policeman alone in it. At least he was more responsive and courteous…so when I asked him where are the “new posted signs” – he pointed out which ones they were .. then I looked up and saw high up,sign with lettering in small print, [thus too hard to be read or be noticed at all I presume] which is the ‘posted information’ for enforcement to proceed.

And I thanked him for LAPD enforcing the new rules and having cleared out so many illegal vendors and he seemed glad to hear my appreciation too. So I saw 2 versions of the LAPD ‘human response’ to a citizen inquiry about police work, one evasive and defensive and one responsive and given a bit of the actual information requested.

That was my original intention : to ask the people responsible for enforcement for how the ordinance WAS actually being enforced …in real life, or the problems with that…tho I got no info from 1st van…and at 2nd attempt trying to connect to get info – I did receive something more helpful.

While 1st LAPD set was defensive and wanting to get rid of me or impatient with my daring to ask them anything the 2nd LAPD did HIS JOB dutifully and well.


When arriving in my walk down to Dudley, I saw that in the back of someone’s truc/vans he had emptied his stuff, unpacked personal belongings, placed into another parking space and part in drive way, in the parking lot area.. and was loudly playing recorded music to the parking lot…

However, the scene seems to have changed little from prior times, except for the elimination of the many tents on the boardwalk and regulation of the misc. resale vendors in this area of OFW too.

The only person I spoke to on beach was a “[real] photographic artist” I have long known who told me his views of what is happening. His sales of his printed on canvas art has not increased with the elimination of commercial vendors but he hopes it will later. Maybe other artists and art vendors will return back to the Boardwalk too. Maybe….

THE VENICE ‘COMMUNITY’ that also existed before, no longer, on Ocean Front Walk:

I have missed not having the prior people who frequented the Boardwalk – the welcoming caring ‘community’ of the kind many of us all knew “before” …not to return to any “the good old days” that cannot be, nor should return, but the people who were here before acting neighborly, attentive, and stayed long enough on Boardwalk to even briefly get to know each other and help each other too have exited this scene. Now there is almost no friendliness around… only sellers, homeless, sad and depressed, transients and a few bewildered tourists expecting what tour books falsely promise and describe, what once was that is no more…not now.

It was not just the cold or fog that day, but those humans on OFW, mostly walking dogs who urinate and leave feces on the bit of grass left – those local residents who remain here, who seem to ‘see no one they dont already know’ or who converted into people with whom many can have a direct human connection .

I also saw the previously violent [and maybe mentally Disabled ?] woman with her many kids, sitting in the Dudley pagoda – the same one who we had seen do a surprise unexpected physical assault another woman sitting at a booth there, 2 yrs ago, [ who then made a police report but nothing happened, because she was told it was “after the fact”]. Again, another person that scares the ordinary visiting public away and whom it’s best to carefully avoid. It’s hard to tell when some smiling people then decide to explode to their own emotions or demons and harm/affect the lives of others, but that too is what Venice has become much more often, with no one to stop the abuser. The public likes to “watch” physical fights, take pictures, but do not help each other any more . Changes. With the sales scene came a more alienating atmosphere and money-first-and-only lifestyle. Not the Venice of before. Of course not.

These things did not happen or only rarely in prior times – when Venice was a Community. But times have changes everywhere else too.

A big change of whatever Venice was – as a place to meet creative like- minded people – is long gone. The proliferation and aggregation of cheap sales and greedy grabbing of free- spaces changed the whole atmosphere.

Now only the very depressed/sad/ addicted/disabled men – many of whom are homeless… are hanging out on grassy areas or in other nooks/
crannies …

Now the few try-to-sell-anything -as-art people on the west side of boardwalk have set up…. Maybe some decent performers will be playing some music for money mostly on weekends, but hopefully the LAPD will continue enforcing the ordinances and keeping away the “only here for business for money” saturation.

Then Venice Beach can return or become what can b = a scenic, family- friendly, ocean appealing BEACH area. This will make a big change of who then comes to ‘visit’ our beach area, not so much to buy, but to see and enjoy natural life. Not a cheap store on a beach sidewalk. To the Venice seen in beach picture books.

With a Beach walkway. And not with bicycles on OFW, walked or ridden. Not with skateboarders – hitting children’s ankles either. But a place to WALK serenely and peace-fully …maybe… someday….

Our hope is that some of the prior vibrant community of creative people, the transient and more permanent ones, return and recreate what was always the ‘cutting edge’ of Venice – in ideas, in creative endeavors, in having the OCEAN view returned to it’s natural beauty and the water be the real valued lure to visitors.

Maybe even return to the [fake] promises that the tourist books like to promote for their own reasons. Give Los Angeles back it’s original tourist attraction.

MY BASIC MSG: Glad the garbage is gone! Welcome to Venice BEACH area !! again.

[Tho this is long and detailed, any parts of this writing can be excerpted if at all useful…. WITH CREDIT TO THE BLOG SITE PLEASE.]

Written by a very local, loyal, concerned, and involved Venice artist and activist.

(c) wowveniceisactive 2012

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comments to “Patch” website article re Bdwalk Ordinance Draft

“Patch” article on web described what is happening to draft of Venice Boardwalk ordinance. Comments are needed to expand what little is known and encourage discussion.

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Venice FrontWalk needs clean up, not an easement to commercial flea’g

Venice Boardwalk sidewalk sales are now being reconsidered but no enforceable or accountable monitors will reduce or restrict awful cheap commercial selling. Venice has lost it’s ART halo and been gored and made a humiliating scene. Letter to Free Venice Beachhead here with questions. A new “draft” looks ‘daft’ instead.

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Ocean Front Walk needs cleanup !

Letter to LA City Council Venice Dist – Arturo Pina – actual disturbances on Venice Boardwalk, illegal commercial selling, threatening bullies and more….. a plea for help

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Venice is changing, complex, and disappointing too

Complexity theory may describe changes but Venice Ocean Front Walk seems to have moved beyond theory into a ‘mean street’ now…

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Thanks-giving was full & generous at SM Civic 2010

A great volunteering experience in times of more poverty but good will of many who can WORK for the few hours showed how resilient and able we as a community still are, especially on holidays when money is scarce but giving is not.

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here is a personalized “our thanksgiving” story….the day after the day after the day….. MY THOUGHTS SHARED WITH YOU TOO….

thanks-giving continues long after the “designated” celebratory date.
dare I share my personal vision, story, life with you on line ?
dare I trust that giving is honored as a sacred action, words offered as a honored shared, stories told as a way to connect once again…and again…and again….

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This 1x/month meeting facilitated by LA City Council is a place for sharing information…or contentious arguments…

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Venice VNC BBQ – an experience

Open Letter written about a personal experience at the VNC BBQ –

Written to the Volunteer Coordinator of VNC BBQ

you, Joanne, were great, friendly, asy-going, and taking care of things, as I noticed you…and it is unusual to meet someone with your apparent calm and openness…if I am wrong, tell me because this is More Feedback you did NOT ask for about how you come across.. and I consider myself perceptive but not clairvoyant !

a mexican woman, [who attended with her family and who came with her down’s syndrome daughter] brought 2 gorgeous jello’ food presentations that were so outstanding I was TOTALLY IMPRESSED….One of was magical yellow rose shaped and formed as a bas-relief with green leaves on the side…the 2nd one a square of light blue opaque jello as base below on which a clear layer with yellow inserted delicate flowers floated…and when I asked her in spanish if these were actual flowers, she responded, she had used a syringe to “make them… wow ! was I impressed and envious too !

there was a woman volunteering in potluck area who then took photos tho I cant find her to get a copy – in order for me to make a website for this artist who doesn’t have a computer of her own or would have to make more of these jello’s to be photographed again instead…

I saw that this volunteer took some pictures of food stuff with her camera and I saw her take pix of the jellos too and wondered to what private or commercial use she then uses them as she did not offer the cooks and creators a copy of her pictures… I wonder…..

I am wanting to see and get copy of pix to give to the creative woman who made those gems that were so beautifully outstanding ! I have the jello maker’s phone # as I went after her to retrieve it to help her get more customers if possible and to compliment her artistry.

I would like to find out if those pixes are available as I presume they are not HERS-the photographer’s-only as the photo-taker, but the maker of the jello’s – who was not asked nor identified -[except by me as I ran after these ladies to get their info for the contest which they did not know they could enter into – and then did not get any mention either at the end…oh well ] So she did not seem to ask anyone to send them a copy of the pix she took either.
[this photographer could not be found later either even while the coordinator did attempt to find her but we had no direct information to find or locate the photos taken unfortunately].

tho we volunteers in brought-in- potluck-food area were not introduced to each other, nor hardly even nodded at one another [strange way to work ‘together’ but, oh well, I didnt mind not having or being in any ‘community’ with those working at the potluck table].

I describe people by what they wear as most did not “make any contact” with me at all, tho I carefully spoke politely and thought I was friendly…. but even the person who was in Control of the potluck area did not even make ‘eye contact’ back with me except when I asked 1 pertinent question and then only received a curt reply …oh well…

My compliments for a successful day for most of this event, as I experienced it. I love so much that happened, both spontaneously and even what was planned.

the chicken fire truck was impressive and we ate generously and delishiusly. the cook was friendly and full of laughter while smoking up the area so that I and others ‘cried’ unwillingly from the BBQ fire-truck’s side effects.

Elroy who said he “arrived at 6:30 am to BBQ ribs” and corn on cob had his big space fenced off but with all chairs “inside” the closed off area that no one could sit in chairs to eat there and enjoy the meal at those tables … and no one corrected that set-up up even up to to 5 pm – when I left…did no one care or notice ?

I mentioned it to him but he seemed not to be in charge of the set-up itself and was into the cooking and sharing of his food …and also I appreciated all his effort and generous work…he wanted so bad to win again and he did…good !

the music was so good with the different types of sounds, all the bands/ groups played well, the variety that came thru was excellent
and mostly irresistibly dance-able.

I was totally enjoying all the WOMEN that danced, of all varied shapes, colors, income and sizes and levels of ability – that was magical and a great showcase… [did anyone take video or pixes of this scene ?]

The pictures you sent were of all the “beautiful” people, the fire workers and some gorgeous women with big smiles, some children, but the commoner folk some who also brought food, who came and ate and danced and wandered around were in none of the photographs I could find. Were there other ones too?

To my amazement and delight the downs-syndrome dancing daughter had such rhythm and energy continually, dancing to almost every song. while the elder women who moved in time but could not move very far were equally admirable. And all the others smiled at each other, appreciating their willingness to come “out” and dance, as women tend to do ! and danced together, maybe there were about 10-12 of us the same ones kept on coming out to any music that was played, loving the fun, the freedom of being together and moving together to the rhythmic music too. Becoming that momentary community of “women who dance together” w/o names or ID’s or further contact even.

and then only one young couple, a [1] daring young male danced with us elder women, with his girlfriend, wearing those blue t-shirts of volunteer workers…that was special – as alllllll the other men either watched or didn’t, but certainly wouldn’t be seen in the hot sun – moving their bodies or feet – in the red dusty dirt and maybe look silly ….right ? why is this so ?

I kept thinking “my physical therapist should see me now” since I had been injured recently…but as music moves me to move my body and I know it is the best ‘exercise’ possible, I stayed there and moved some more… and I didnt feel a thing…then ..until about 4 pm I tired and sat on grass with other Venice friends from boardwalk.

But….at night I was sooo sore, from all that delishus movings and having had all the fun of doing it. but then spent a restless night tossing and turning due to the effect of ‘overdoing it’ while not realizing it… tho the thought did occur, it was immediately dismissed in favor of Fun and Dancing. All well worth what was experienced that is not an everyday event or opportunity.

No, I wont tell the PT guy because the good effects of dancing on my body will have dissipated by our next appt.

a long whole story to give a personal view of the many experiences and some learnings gained from the wonderful day at Oakwood Park with strangers of so many varieties and lifestyles all coming together to create a scene of good-eating, fun-dancing, and a few nods to others too here and there.

I thank YOU for accepting me with my stated limitations and treating me so gently and care-fully also. I appreciate your style, lady.

at 5 pm I gave away my Volunteer t-shirt to a van-living woman I know who appreciated it because she said it had the day’s essence in it, tho I wore it over another t-shirt so it was clean too. this is passing-it-on and also passing-anything-possible -forward too. thanks for providing them and the time to enjoy the whole scene in all that it contained for us all.

from a temporary volunteer

Those who took photos that I learned about are here tho I do not know the photographers myself:


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was held on August 4, 2010 and led by Los Angeles City Council Representative of District 11 – ARTURO PINA.

Apparently, all who care to attend can come and speak, those who have concerns, interests, businesses, residence, or want to help IMPROVE this area. Most who attended were responsive, some more defensively of the agencies they work for, others more willingly to provide information and to listen to complaints. A few who attended were apparently trying to dominate the discussions and ‘win’ over their points by loudness or intrusive interrupting continually. Most raised hands and took a turn to speak to their concerns.

Some who worked for the city left as early as they could, which left others
wondering about their willingness to engage in changes and improvements.

The LAPD staff were noted to have stayed for the full meeting, being responsive and attentive.

The VNC members also stayed present throughout the meeting. Some of the public members not officially affliated with the LA City were courteous and informative and asked clear questions, while others did not always share openly or who seemed to think they could get their way by dominating the meeting by repeatedly loudy blurting out their opinions over others and taking-over much of the meeting time.

There were many representatives present of various VENICE involved and interested agencies, community members and also a few those who wanted to learn ‘what is happening here? This is MY COMMUNITY too ! ‘

The moderator was Arturo Pina, the LACC person who’s area is Venice and
who attempted in good fashion to keep some order and give everyone a fair opportunity to speak to their issues and concerns.

People present were:
[though not all names were voiced audibly nor spoken clearly or loudly enough to be noted, so some attendees are not here included …and some name spellings may be wrong too… there was no list available for attendees to share or have of those there from prior meetings or this one, though a sign-in-sheet was passed around and Piina has it if that information becomes public or available with emails included .. some first names were audible and noted , and some others were asked but information seemed hard to obtain and record by this writer – unfortunately. Some may be not fully identified as to their position or alliance for this meeting. So this list is incomplete and limited. ]

Arturo Pina – LACC for Venice area
Yvonne Guzman, Venice Neighborhood Council – Boardwalk committee
Ira Koslow= VNC cochair of Boardwalk commitee
4 Uniformed Members of Los Angeles Police Dept, [some name tags said]
working in Venice: Thussing, Reina, Suarez [and another unlegible from seating afar]
Daniel …of Art Crawl
These Dietlin of Venice Beach Boardwalk Coalition
Barbara Peck – resident [took video of some proceedings ]
Lisa Green – resident, artist and candidate for office
Carolyn James, “Principal, Recretation Supervisor I, Recreation and Parks
Laura….. assistant to Carolyn James [above] – Rec and Parks
Brad ….of Rec and Parks
Marie….Venice Boardwalk vendor
Jingles … Venice Boardwalk vendor and resident
Michael….Venice boardwalk vendor and has a lawsuit against LA City [was mentioned]
Arnie Corlin…security camera expert [indicated]
Maria…resident & artist
2 men from Beaches and Harbors [names not heard clearly]
2 women saying they represented the “homeless” community in Venice
1 woman representing Venice residents in her neighborhood
1 woman from a restaurant [name not heard clearly]

[Maybe others not intentionally excluded here but not noted…as there was NO ONE apparently taking any official notes so everyone who did so, if they did, have their own versions of what happened and who said what too probably.]

SOME TOPICS OF DISCUSION: some discussions were continually interrupted, and at other times the speaker’s concerns were more courteously addressed by many others even with different versions of what ‘reality’ is – obviously not the same one, with their differences unresolved.

The atmosphere was often loud, intense, vehement, and yet informative, with Pina attempting to keep some semblance of order.

Some topics=

Can Crysallis that collects recyclables in Venice share some of their benefits to help clean up areas that the LA City cannot afford to do [so stated] ?

How can the boardwalk be cleaned better and garbage cans improved ? For the tourist attraction, residents and visitors.

Boardwalk vending [much time was spent disagreeing about the problems, solutions, limitations, ordinances, enforcement of ordinances, lack of staff available, with defensive responses indicating that enforcement was being done while others claimed it was not, cigarette butts, criminality & extortioning vendors, illegal selling of lottery spaces, illegal selling in specified lottery spaces, lack of spaces for ‘free speech’ advocates, “dead spots/ black spots/ unassigned spaces” on boardwalk, Rec & Parks monitors acting inconsistently and favoring some and not others, the need for additional lottery monitors, ordinances needing revision and clarification, to be more consistent with original ‘intentions’ stated, and more…..[most of meeting was focused on these topics]

telephone wires cut by city workers/ Beach & Harbors workers repeatedly – so residents are inconvenienced

bicycles and skateboards laws not enforced on boardwalk, PUBLIC SAFETY issues, LAPD not enforcing rules when clearly visible offenders, dangers thereof

security cameras and how to organize information from those already in place

and more….

next meeting is September 1, 2010, at 9:30 am at James Beach Restaurant on North Venice Blvd – between Speedway & Pacific Ave. No food provided, only space for meeting. Contact Bill Rosendahl’s office for more information.

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Neighborhood Councils…check them out soon

Westwood and Venice have your Local Neighborhood Council, that is the local arm of the LA City Council. Learn more about your own neighborhood and give your input there too.

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traffic ticket tricksters- photolites

red light cameras around LA need to be identified and info passed around. Here are maps from LA City. old but ok.

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A venice artist par excellance= and funny too

Good ART in Venice by Joel Harris.

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dismay at our diminishing lives, even in Venice

a rant  here but  this is not  personal nor untrue either…

our dismay at how much is going ‘wrong’ lately that  has affected our otherwise ‘good attitude’ even tho that is not how we are always seen by others…

we went to a Hammer Museum forum coordinated by Ian Masters, also of KPFK,  and 2 experts and authors on our current economy… both of who  m spoke of how we have been robbed by both the fake economists, like the Fed’s hovering & covering his past errors Bernake, and the “Billionaire Bailout Society’s” ploys and bailouts. We also attended another UCLA panel with Michael Lind and Harold Myerson,  both of whom also spoke  about how corporations have taken over what before 1970’s government accomplished itself in  direct actions …instead of farming & outsourcing so much of what is ‘government’s work and duties’.

so privatized corporation-psuedo-government hand-outs  are given ‘incentive’  bribes  &  their subsidies to do the work that our govt ‘cannot or will not’ do any more,  now putting  our employees to work under for-profit corporate businesses … instead of giving  those shareholder taken  profits [called dividends ‘earned’] and the management  receiving bonuses and high “earnings” in compensation….in other words, those corps profits  are not given to employees of the US or state or local governments, which is ours, the people’s business. It is outside of even our govt’s supervision  or oversight, and not always with the required lawful bidding processes either.

Thus the privatized businesses  are not made known to “the people’ so that most of this outsourcing  just  looks like it is being done by us with-taxpayer-paid-for-money, for work by what we think is  our-government, for us as a nation state. However what happens is much  is done instead by others’ outside hired as contractors, as privatized work  – and with paid subsidies to assist their costs & accomplishments,  on top of their other gains.

While these private sources, corporations, start to claim more efficiency,  later results prove when studied  that often the run-over, do not meet the same standards as ‘govt work’, or did not plan fully or well.

Then the costs that  are also included but not counted in the totals are the “incentives” they receive as extras, the reimbursement to lobbyists to get that work that is paid for sure, the special subsidies and allowances that help them when they get into trouble or are not timely, the studies they are using to prove their worth,  and the  facilities they use and charge back to OUR govt,… all of which is US, taxpayer subsidized as “part of our govt”… all. But it is not. It is Private Corporations. Contractors. Subsidized Businesses.

The debt that we abhor is used to help pay these outsourced privatized corporations to do ‘our business’.

and thus it costs more in their  take over of everything we think is “ours” as in Our-government belongs-to-us … The prevailing  policy is one that hollows out what could have been OURS before .

before the 1970’s we had a govt that did something more than pass on everything, our taxes, jobs, and benefits…as these also are ‘contractors’ who  then go global elsewhere with their gains or are owned by other nations posing as-if they were American and keeping their gains in this country too. They don’t always. And forget to tell us this also.
very disheartening info, but real , believable,

and the illusion of power and effectiveness that any voting “people” have has been seriously diminished and dented    by realizing all this good info is not only true but knowing it does not mean  we have any more ability to make changes on those who act like they own the store… our representatives who also hide from us the information that was is given ‘outside’ their purview is represented as if it were “our government” working for “the people”, of course…

and the taxpayers do not know what is going on..still…even now…

see also a recent book” The Gamble ‘: Tomas Ricks talks about the military not revealing what is occurring with our tax dollars and the costs of what those ‘wars’ are ruining us there too,  while we are worrying about our daily lives here  ’at home’.

not that we are  giving up

but that the realization of how-bad-it-actually-is…

on top of so many who have already lost  significant value in their savings thru no actions of their own,

thru banks that bailouts helped and they that have received monies owed to the people to help them thru unemployment and reduced wages and loss of middle class income levels…

so it not ok… not just down here on the beach…

with increased  the fear of homelessness, and diminished ability to be self-sufficient by those who have been so far most of their lives.

Also reported to us again, is that the current  president was campaign financed by Wall St and not as much by the individual small donations, which was the advertised version of his financial success…and it was noted how much higher than before  that campaign cost ..cost whom ? where does that Wall Street Money come from initially ? which is also why he then  hired as staff the same people who benefited  from the bailouts they  also encouraged and controlled… bailouts that were not agreed to by 70% of the American People, who don’t count for  anything  anyhow apparently. Opinions and polls are easily ignored when inconvenient to the greedy power-holders wealthy ones.
That the banks are gambling  with people’s money they are to hold and securely balance….and are withholding their loan money for the top tiers of the wealthy that  include the derivative and hedge funders – who are still now unregulated in any way – and who are betting against those they lent their same money to, i.e. the also-greedy-gambling prior  mortgage holders assuming they would get richer by owning a house than not.
That the financial instruments that  the clever people “invented” which our govt claims are ‘confusing’ and cant be understood by our economists [huh???]  are not only not regulated – but if not ‘understood’ or so they say, by those who are suppose to protect US, THE USA Population, ALL OF US DOWN HERE AT THE 80% LIVING IN USA LEVEL, how is that possible ?  Are these also profiteer privatized psuedo-governmental [like maybe the “Federal Bank” that is not federal government but has privileges that are equivalent like printing money, setting interest rates, etc. ]  that these do not do more than enrich themselves on our stupidity and helplessness.

and we think as voters we are part of this government, that is outsourced with more powers than our own voted representatives ? huh ?

sound bad ?
and we believe all this. having heard it more than once from well educated experts who tell us what we ‘want to know’ and yet then her they nor we don’t know what else to do about it…

can we have “our government” back or is it already so sold that is not ours at all to claim or demand, even if we do vote ? Have we been sold out?

Then we saw  a woman at Hammer Museum who believed in repeating her activism  from the 60’s  as was ranting about going back to do what the SDS did then…wanting to do with the lists used for 13 million Obama supporters used to put him up there and get those people to now act differently than just voting him in office….

She wanted the same old tricks that did not work so perfectly before and don’t work especially now.  A solution is to repeat the past ? Vietnam and 1960’s is no longer here now.

We disagreed with her and she stomped off with our  challenging her  way to solution.  The prior way of walking in large numbers to protest and be seen on TV for 30 seconds?  This is now futile, as proven by the repeated parades and walks we all have taken against Iraq war for last 8 years. To no avail. Afghanistan war now replacing the prior version, with the same PR.

so what now?

We are telling you all this because we are knowing and admitting how bad things are and how little “hope” we  have in telling the truth as we can  know it. We don’t even WANT to know how we have been deceived and are still stolen from, lied to, treated as peon fools that will accept whatever sales games ‘our govt’ plays with our lands and monies.

This is Not to be  reassured. Not to pull you down. Not to say you are not working for change and trying your best. But because when the realization hit  us  harder at the UCLA talk, we voiced a question that we did not understand, that emerged vehemently urgently loudly out ….the utter dismay and disappointment at how the “American people’ are treated as if  we are just stupid, ignorant, following every paid commercial political move, and manipulated by every banker/ mortgage scheme/ credit card seller/ and political candidate. “the american people” as complicit and allowing by passive agreement to be lied to, stolen from, outsourced and still called “the american people’s land” as Americans.

if we are all ineffective people, is America doomed to become just another feudal state ?

Is the ‘freedom’ only a pretense, just the illusion that we can buy our way into any equality that is not actual  in real-life –  but looks good on flyers, in commercial ads,  in political speeches and a way to say  that “other nations are not as good as we are”….just because other nation govts  have  more repression with violence ?

yes, we are Superior in many  better living standard ways … and we have less overt violence and authoritarian rulers too…. but what does our freedom do for us besides provide the illusion we can change what  and who is running our own country ? And owning our resources ? And getting way ahead of ‘the people” in almost all ways and more so all the time.

who do we trust now ?

(c) 2010 wowisvenice

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up for new members now – run !

info found at this site and repeating info here for all to join, run, get elected and help save OUR VENICE please !

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A Venice Poet writes:

Poetry in Venice, seen here too.
Sponto’s and fishing are themes chosen by Rex

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Thanksgiving feast called ‘Feed the Beach’ in Venice 2009

 “The Fruit Gallery on Westminster Avenue organized the community-involved 3rd Annual Thanksgiving “Feed the Beach” on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 26, 2009.

200 volunteers served turkey with all the trimmings, desserts & beverages. Other volunteers did clean up, made and held signeage, brought donations, and helped out in caring ways. 

 There was also a free clothing table and talented guitar musical  accompanyments to the generous and ample food serving.

[our comment sent to the SM Mirror newspaper is below:]

 “This was a fabulous event, from the home cooked special generously shared foods to the sweet presence of each volunteer who was courteous and helpful to all. We had a great time working, eating, talking, staring, wanting “more” and knowing when to stop eating the delicious feast goodies.

The organizers were kind and worked hard, and the list of participants who also donated food or some money for permits is on their website. All deserve commendations and appreciation, including the SM Mirror photographer, Margaret, who seemed to take it all in with a huge smile of her own.

over 700 people partook of the feasting, mostly homeless or home-free, or van-car-living ones came and it all  felt like part of the Real  Venice community,  [as it was years before the disparateness and flea market encroachment has shifted the place and it’s people and attitudes therein].

This excellent Day of Giving and feasting was a brief but healthy example of how Venice can be, a place of sharing, caring and artistic living.”

The organizers – James and Nina Merced – wrote a prompt thank you to all who helped them, tho they did the majority of the heft  of lifting up others to join them..and made the whole scene magically work effectively and smoothly.   They had over 200 volunteers and plenty  enough food to extend the event from 2 to 3 constant food-serving hours. 

700+ hungry people were fed , but most importantly they “were able to feed and nourish the souls of many. ”

In addition,to the  200 plus volunteers, Nina and James said : ” please know that your contributions no matter how small or big really served its purpose and everyone should feel very proud of themselves for a job well done. Every last tray of food was served, every dish washed, every piece of trash picked up, every table wiped down and every last trash bag taken out.”

They also again acknowledged the generosity of the  the Rotary Club of Venice, who have partnered with them for the past three years and made Feed the Beach a tradition.  There were others who also donated food, cooked food in small or larger portions and brought them down to the site on Westminster Ave by the Boardwalk to share with everyone there.  A few donated cash for permits and insurance. Others donated other items. All was done without publicity or promotion of the donors, which is unusual in this day and age of overriding promos everywhere overriding the beauty of    just GIVING.

This was a great example, the 4th year and growing, of how a small set of dedicated and loving people can expand and give so much more TOGETHER with others to those who have much less, at least once per year, at the time when Thanks is given not for food or presents but for our being able to come together and be PRESENT TOGETHER, strangers, and friends, families and loners, heavy backpacked or just strolling thru…Venice.

May we all do similar and more of these gatherings where sharing is more important than taking and where being together is more than just the eating of good food.

(c) veniceactivist 2009

Rotary Club Of Venice  gave  $1300 in 26 complete turkey dinners

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Venice is becoming meaner now….

Beware of those people who are stressed and maybe reacting to the economic downturns by venting their angers on strangers…those strolling thru the Ocean Front Boardwalk or elsewhere.

Most pedestrians walking the Boardwalk are curious, interesting, on a cheap family outing, or wanting to buy at the street Flea Market near the sand. But a few have become more out-of-control  lately seeking anyone to scapegoat and vent their personal anger upon.

Do NOT BE AFRAID, but notice that what was a leisurely if unusual crowd has lately, this October-November 2009 times and perhaps longer, become less friendly or trustworthy.

In these last 2 months we have seen a man sitting a bench be hit on the head with a drum stick by another homeless man.  An elder woman was sitting and another woman threw her purse at her, causing bruises and bent eyeglasses. These were unprovoked attacks and resulted in only minor injuries.

As there is little police patrol or protection, that means no one is preventing or observing the ones that have mental problems, emotional excesses, and disguised anger that explodes unexpected. It is not often, but more than Venice has exhibited during daylight hours on the Ocean Front Walk.

The meanness of the re-sale vendors contributes to the worse atmosphere as there is an ugly greedyness and harsh competition for selling their junk wares on a free spot on the Boardwalk. They often fight amongst themselves and some criminal activity has been noted amongst them also.

The original artists and free-speech tables on the Walk have been pushed out and what mainly remains are the cheap commercial re-sale vendors who buy junk wholesale to resale w/o any accountability to the city or tax authorities.

The old pleasures of musicians, artists, good conversations and discussions about politics, the moon & sun, and condition of the world have been excised out by the poor local LA City Council ordinances that set up a lottery system for re-sale vendors to profit from no-rent open-view spaces on the Walk. A few of these are decent folk, a lot are not, unfortunately the majority can no longer claim any relationship to the reputation that made Venice fun, arty and valuable. Commercialism and sales reign now.

The homeless abound, many begging for marijuana or change or cigarettes. Most are not dangerous to the public but constitute a nuisance when asserting their begging rights on all who walk by. Others are house-less but live in vans and RVs and shelters. Many are good folks just like any one else. A few are busy with their alcoholic or narcotic pursuits and lifestyles. They are not often dangerous, but some can be.

The Vemice Boardwalk has been a community of performers, artists, citizens, working class people, with a few tourists that came by. It has changed, radically and not for the better.

Come to see for yourself. Let us know what you find. What you like. What you dont like. What you think. What you want to do to help improve it. How you remember it before or imagined it to be. The reputation is now an illusion as Venice CA is no longer a fun pleasant place to visit, unless  you are willing to protect yourself from the few angry and cruel ones that are there too.

Do not let Venice turn into another beach bum town with no improving qualities or possibility of being what everyone loved so much before. Let Venice be the Art Community it has been and can be still, again.





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